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    Hello, I know this is an old thread but maybe there is a better solution?

    I assume the challenge is writing the meta ID’s to the product ID’s separately. This would explain why it works from the product edit page. If so, I suggest this:

    – Move the “Attach To Products” button to the PPOM Meta List header (next to the export button)
    – Check the desired PPOM items
    – Click “Attach To Products”
    – Now, you can write multiple ID string instead of single ID for PPOM items.

    I didn’t have time to look at the code/db structure but this is the only reason I can see why adding muti meta sepatately may be an issue. Of course, when adding one, you could load the existing ID’s and build a new string but maye this is too complicated compared to above.

    I have to restructure & update all my PPOM meta for many products so one by one is a lot of trouble. Also, if the PPOM meta were in the woo product export, I could edit that way but I can’t.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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