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  • in reply to: Cannot save Campaigns with editable MC Template #8595
    LN Media

    Sorry for my late response.
    Unfortunately your suggestion didn´t fix the problem and it remains as described above: Connecting to MC works flawless, the custom template with editable areas can be selcted and worked on. Upon saving the new campaign doesn´t show up in the campaigns list.
    The campaigns list itself seems to work, as camapsing created using “Create Campaign by Designing Template” show up just fine,

    What else could we check / do in order to get this working (having editable Areas in MC-Templates within WP was the main reason this plugin suited our specific needs)?
    Thanks in advance.

    in reply to: Api key does not work #8391
    LN Media

    I´m expiriencing the same problem.
    I copied the API-Key from the Client Area to WordPress, but it fails to verify and states: “No recorder found, please check your email and apikey”.

    In the Client Area the Status of the Key is listed as “Pending” and I have no idea what that refers to. Is that key not enabled yet or is the connection to WordPress not established due to its failure to verify?
    How do I activate the plugin?

    Thanks for your support in advance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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